Androrat APK for Android Smartphones

AndroRat is a client/server utility advanced in Java Android for the patron element and in Java/Swing for the Server. The call AndroRatis a combination of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool). It’s a remote management device that lets in to manipulate cellular gadgets remotely with a pc.

Androrat GUI

Androrat is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool which might be very easy to paintings with. A simple double-click on a customer open his window to have interaction with any of the related patron. All the related customers seems in a window like proven below. Androrat consumer listing routinely gets up to date even as a modern-day day person connects or is disconnected. In the log panel below the patron listing, indicates all the connection logs.

All the instructions are categorised in the pinnacle tabbed menu. The default tab is called Home and provide numerous functionalities. First as we will see inside the left scroll view all the statistics about the client like service infomartion, battery recognition, network particular recognition, sensors repute and masses of others.

Impressive Features:

  • Stream sound from microphone and media played.
  • Streaming video (for activity based client only)
  • Open an URL in the default browser
  • Check out installed Apps
  • Do vibrate the phone
  • Check out Browser History
  • Do a toast
  • Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
  • Take a snapshots from the camera
  • Get contacts complete info.
  • Get all logs
  • Send text messages
  • Monitor messages and other conversations
  • Find out the Location by GPS/Network
  • Make a call
  • Monitoring received messages in live