Build Your Melee Weapons in Warframe builder

Warframe builder is one of the best ways to build your Warframes. You can build your melee weapons, secondary weapons, and primary weapons.

Today we’re going to be talking about the current shotgun what a master lockout of 10 this weapon does not only look amazing but it can also pack a serious wallop. Please keep in mind that my builds and my guides usually take a more new player friendly approach simply because there’s a lot of information here that most of the time simply get skipped over. And I want to cover it so veterans of the game please bear with me. That being said we’re going to be discussing a cheap build something affordable that everybody should be able to get their hands on as long as you meet the mastery requirement of 10. But we also have a ribbon to check out some end game for this or some end game potential for the weapon like we actually have an end game.

Let Build Melee Weapons In Warframe Builder

The first thing we’re gonna do is to check out how the current handles without any mods equipped and I’m mashing my button right now. This is the maximum rate of fire as you can see it’s not all that great. However, the recoil does line up quite nicely to the weapons fire rate.

So you’re not going to have to reposition your aim if you want to hit a target in the same place. The alternative fire of the current is cold air burst. It’ll launch a mini rocket that will explode after traveling a set amount.

The problem with this alternative fire is that if it doesn’t travel the set distance if it stops in contact with an enemy or with a wall or whatever else it simply won’t do anything. The shells do apply for status still but the damage they would do without exploding is basically nonexistent. This build of Warframe builder is too much effective and best way

So in actual gameplay what you want to do is kind of aim above enemies heads. So the explosion hits all of them and it does the damage of the explosion remains consistent throughout the entire area of the blast.

So you don’t have to try to get the enemy’s kind of like in the center of an or whatnot. It does the same amount of damage. And the last thing I want to point out before we jump into mods is the reload type its stern style is reload shot by shotshell by the shell.

So in situations where you just need one more shot to finish off that target. But you started reloading you can interrupt early and continue firing what you reloaded.