Why UC Browser APK is so fast?

Why UC Browser APK is so fast?

The UC Web Browser uses data compression and cloud acceleration latest technology. UC Browser’s servers work as a fast proxy which compresses the size of web pages before sending it to the users of UC Browser. Because of this process web content load too much faster. UC Browser APK can adapt to same network environments. Also, UC browser apk supports multi-file format downloading. Further, UC Browser has HTML5 web app and cloud syncing good features.

UC Browser APK is available on different Android smartphone and feature phone platforms, but Google’s Android mobile operating system produce the largest user-base for the UC Web company, with 300 million users of its 500 million users in total.

Data compression

Data compression is an amazing feature of UC Browse. It reduces data consumption when the users are browsing through the UC Browser. Since 2006, UC Browser has been performing effectively more compression and rendering work on their server, similar to the operation of a client.

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Cloud system

The cloud system used by the UC Browser distributes data from the nearest servers. As a result, the loading process of web pages is faster and smoother. A “View it later” mode caches web pages with their images, videos, and texts for offline using.


In May 2015, important documents were leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden disclosed that the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) had determined UC Browsers as a security soft point. Its widespread use in all over China, many parts of India and Southeast Asia included Arab countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran etc made it especially attractive to ASD. In co-operation with its Five Eyes partners, ASD hacked the UC Browser Servers and infected smartphones with spyware. In the process, it was discovered that another world top intelligence agency had also hacked UC Browser and was using it in operations targeted at Western countries but there is no confirmation of this news.

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In May 2015, a research group named Citizen Lab published news about the reveal of privacy details of many UC browser users. The lab also tested two versions of UC Browser, one English and the other Chinese. The report pointed out that English version of UC Browser “seems to implement encryption consistently”.